Kajdański Tomasz

Tomasz Kajdański

Dancer and choreographer. In 1979, Tomasz Kajdański left Poland to begin a career at German theatres. He was a ballet soloist at the Theater der Stadt Heidelberg and the Bayerischer Oper in Munich, where he cooperated with choreographers such as John Neumeier, John Cranko, Jiří Kylián, Hans van Manen and Youri Vamos. In 1992, Kajdański became the ballet director in the Rostock theatre – he held that position until 2003. In the meantime, he managed ballet groups at the Landestheater in Coburg (1995-1997) and in Kiel (Kieler Bühnen, 1997-1998). He moved to Eisenach (at the Thüringer Landstheater) in 2004, and in 2009 he became the manager of the ballet team at the Anhaltischen Theater in Dessau. One of Kajdański’s characteristic features is acting work done by dancers based on the classical and contemporary school of movement, which – coupled with his energetic temperament and emotional involvement – takes the form of intensive exercise and physical and psychological searching. This particular feature was of great importance in his work with dancers and other artists in Revelations and Heresies. Through constantly searching for meanings and abstract actions in a previously created script, Kajdański would provoke reconfigurations and deconstructions during discussions before every rehearsal. This made it possible to elicit affects hidden in the text and in the imagery.