About us



Poznań Opera House, with a tradition of more than a century, has held an increasingly important position not only on the Polish but also on the European opera map for several seasons. Since Renata Borowska-Juszczyńska took over the role of the theater director (2012), Poznań Opera House has significantly expanded its repertoire and become a recognizable brand as an institution boldly reaching for contemporary stage productions and acting as a patron for young artists. Thanks to its active involvement in the Opera Europa association, Poznań Opera House participates in the OperaVision project, which aims to make performances available on a streaming platform. Reviews and information about the Poznań Opera House appear regularly in the media in the United States, Italy, France, Denmark and Germany. The theater is recognized with numerous awards every year. Recently, it was nominated in as many as three categories for the most prestigious Opera Award, known as the Opera Oscar, in the world of musical theater, and the premiere of Moniuszko's "Paria" (June 2019) was recognized as one of the most important events of the Year of Moniuszko. In addition, the show itself and its producers have won as many as five nominations for the Jan Kiepura Theater Music Awards.



The dynamic development of Poznań Opera House is the result of the activities inherent in the mission guiding the Poznań stage: to reach audiences from different social groups, not to close itself to an elite group of experts, to bring audiences closer to the specifics of the theater through systematic educational activities conducted in a participatory formula and site-specific performances. These assumptions are described by the slogan accompanying recent seasons: #operaotwiera and the conviction that international recognition is gained through local actions - these, metaphorically speaking, which are carried by Poznań Opera House on the wings of Pegasus.