Trafankowska Natalia

Natalia Trafankowska

She began her ballet education at State Ballet School in Donetsk. She continued then studying at Vadim Pisariev Ukrainian Dance Academy in Donetsk which she graduated with honors in 1995. Winner of the first prize in the “Young Talents of Donbas Competition” in Donetsk.

In 1994 she started work as a coryphée at the State Academic Russian Opera and Ballet Theater. Two years later she became a ballet soloist at the very theater. She performed in the USA, Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Switzerland and Germany. In 1997 she moved to Poland where she was emplyed by Poznań Opera House as a coryphée. Since 2006 she has been a soloist of Poznań Opera Ballet.

She created parts in the performances of “La Sylphide” (A. Bournonville) and “Dangerous Liaisons” (K. Pastor), among others.