Sierant Mateusz

Mateusz Sierant

An alumnus of the General Ballet School in Poznań which he graduated from in 2007 under the direction of Włodzimierz Bułanow.

Participant of the 13th and 15th editions of the national dance competition in Gdańsk, 6th National Dance Competition “The Best Polish Ballet School Graduate 2007” in Szczecin, as well as the winner of the 3rd prize (bronze medal) at “Le chausson d’or” - International Classical Dance Competition in Paris in 2006. Participant of numerous polish ballet and dance festivals.

In 2007 he was taken on by Poznań Opera House where he has hold a post of a soloist since 2008. He played solo parts in grand ballet classics like: Romeo and Benvolio in “Romeo and Juliet” (E. Wesołowski), Prince in “The Nutcracker” (S. Wożniak), Franz in “Copelli” (S. Woźniak), James in “La Sylphide” (A. Bournonville), Adam in “Creation of the World” (U. Sholz), Knight Danceny in “Dangerous Relationships” (K. Pastor), Narcissus in “Myths” (B. Gołaska), Harlequin in “Mandrake” (H. Konwiński), or Bridegroom “Harnasie” (E. Wesołowski).

He performed in ballets “Four Last Songs” (R. van Dantzing), “Pan Twardowski” (H. Konwiński), “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (G. Veradon), “Swan Lake” (M. Petipa), “Black and White – Things I Told Nobody” (I. Galili), “The Songs” (H. Konwiński), “Krzesany” (K. Drzewiecki), “Zorba, the Greek” (L. Miassine). He guest starred as Romeo at the stage of Warsaw National Opera House.

During his artistic career he has collaborated with such a prominent figures of polish and international ballet like Emil Wesołowski, Henryk Konwiński, Sławomir Woźniak, Krzysztof Pastor, Giovani di Palma, Karina Elver, Itzik Galili, and Sonja Marchiolli.