Sierant Karolina

Karolina Sierant

She graduated with honors from L. Różycki Grand Ballet School in Bytom in 2005.

A participant of the 12th and the 13th editions of Wojciech Wiesiołłowski National Dance Competition in Gdańsk where she was honorably mentioned in 2001. Winner of the 2nd prize at 2002 Odysee De La Danse International Dance Competition in Lyon and 2003 International Dance Competition in Brno. Prize winner of an honorable mention and audience prize at 4th National Ballet Competition “The Best Graduate of 2005” in Szczecin.

She has been associated with Poznań Opera Ballet since 2005, where since 2010 she has been working as the first ballet soloist. Performer of such memorable parts in the great classical ballets like: Odette / Odile in “Swan Lake” (M. Pepita / L. Kowalska. K. Grave), Swanhilda and Swanhilda’s Friend in “Coppélia” (S. Woźniak), The Sugarplum Fairy in “The Nutcracker” (S. Woźniak), Hippolyta and Lubczyk in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (G. Veradon), Eve in “Creation of the World” (U. Scholtz), Madame de Trouvell in “Dangerous Relationships” (K. Pastor), Anna in “Stanisław i Anna Oświęcimowie” (B. Wrzosek), Artemis- Arethusa in “Myths” (B. Gołaska), Krasawica in “Pan Twardowski” (H. Konwiński), The Queen of Dryads in “Don Quixote”, (H. Konwiński).

She performed solo parts in “Four Last Songs” (R. van Dantzing), “Nocturne and Tarantella” (H. Konwiński), “Preludes” and “Sweet Peas and Roses” (M. Różycki), as well as group parts in ballets: “The Count of Monte Cristo” (W. Karaczewski), “Zorba, the Greek” (L. Miassine), “Medea” (T. Kujawa), “The Peacock and the Girl” (S. Woźniak), “Harnasie” (E. Wesołowski), “Krzesany” (K. Drzewiecki), “La Sylphide” (A. Bournonwille / K. Elver), and “Thinks I Told Nobody” (I. Galili).

During her artistic career she has collaborated with many famous names of Polish and international ballet including Emil Wesołowski, Henryk Konwiński, Sławomir Woźniak, Krzysztof Pastor, Kenneth Grave, Giovani di Palma, Karina Elver, Itzik Galili, and Sonja Marchiolli.