Meissner Evgeniia

Evgeniia Meissner

Professional ballerina, dancer, ballet mistress, and teacher. A graduate of the Saratov State Ballet School. She graduated from the department of "ballet master - tutor" of the Conservatory of Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov in Saint Petersburg. She has over ten years of experience working at the Opera and Ballet Theater at the Conservatory and at the Mikhailovsky Theater in St. Petersburg. In Poland, for 6 years, she conducted classes with children and youth of all ages, in classical, characteristic, general development and ballet repertoire (Non-Public School of Dance Art Fouetté in Poznań). She is also the author of her own choreographies. She worked as a ballet teacher with the Musical Theater in Poznań. Currently, she is a teacher - ballet tutor and choreographer assistant at Poznań Opera House.