Aida was composed to the order of a khedive of Egypt and its premiere took place in Cairo, on Christmas Eve. The plot of the drama revolves around dilemmas of an Egyptian general, the victorious Radames, loved by two women, the pharaoh's daughter Amneris and a captive Aida. Radames failed to choose the right woman. It results in betrayal, which finally brings death on him. From the point of view of a 19th-century European, the dilemma was difficult to resolve, for an Egyptian it was incomprehensible. After all, the main character could have both women: marry one of them, and accept the other as a concubine, perhaps another wife one day. It may be a good idea to refer to this paradox once again. 150 years have passed and relativism and fundamentalism are still the underlying of more than one tragedy.



  • kierownictwo muzyczne
    Gabriel Chmura
  • reżyseria
    Marek Weiss-Grzesiński
  • scenografia
    Jean-Antoine Hierro
  • choreografia
    Izadora Weiss
  • reżyseria świateł
    Marek Rydian
  • kierownictwo chóru
    Mariusz Otto


  • Aida
    Barbara Kubiak
  • Amneris
    Helena Zubanovich
  • Radames
    Luis Chapa
  • Amonastro
    Jerzy Mechliński
  • Ramfis
    Rafał Korpik
  • Faraon
    Damian Konieczek
  • Kapłanka
    Monika Mych-Nowicka
  • Posłaniec
    Piotr Friebe


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scena duża