TROJA<sup>n</sup> Gabriel Kaczmarek

TROJA<sup>n</sup> Gabriel Kaczmarek

Gabriel Kaczmarek

choreographer VIKTOR DAVYDIUK

Characters that we know very well - Achilles, conqueror of many cities; Hector, who overshadowed everyone in battle; the supreme leader Agamemnon; the gallant Paris; Odysseus of many a wise ruse. And her - supposedly the most beautiful - Helen. They are fighting a perenial fight, one that will never end. Not here, not now, not in this Troy, never.
Victor Davydiuk's choreography, created for Gabriel Kaczmarek's new musical composition, is an attempt at expressing through dance the cruelty of battle, as well as the pain and despair that lingers after those who died refuse to leave. The authors, by telling one of the most popular stories about the long-standing conflict, tackle issues that are all too prevalent in our reality. What is the price of battle? Who is fighting it and what for? Which side will be on tommorow? Do we still have chance for a better world?


  • choreografia
    Viktor Davydiuk
  • dramaturgia
    Katarzyna Frątczak
  • scenografia i kostiumy
    Magda Flisowska
  • projekcje
    Karolina Mikołajczuk
  • reżyseria świateł
    Wiktor Kuźma
  • asystenci choreografa
    Evgenia Meissner
    Andrzej Płatek


  • Helena
    Marika Kucza
  • Parys
    Mateusz Sierant
  • Achilles
    Arkadiusz Gumny
  • Hektor
    Allesandro Pulitani
    Gal Trobentar Žagar
  • Anromacha
    Asuka Horiuchi
    Risako Seki
  • Bryzejda
    Diana Cristescu
    Silvia Simeone
  • Patroklos
    Koichi Kamino
    John Svensson
  • Kery
    Dominika Babiarz
    Julia Korbańska
    Natalia Trafankowska
    Agnieszka Wolna-Bartosik
  • Odyseusz
    Taras Szczerbań
  • Agamemnon
    Artur Furtacz
  • Priam
    Paweł Kromolicki
  • Menelaos
    Andrzej Płatek
  • Ifigenia
    Lena Trafankowska


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