Kafka/Schulz: Revelations and Heresies

Kafka/Schulz: Revelations and Heresies

The chamber spectacle confronts the masters of painting with moods. What will be transferred to the stage from the world of Franz Kafka and Brunon Schulz by the artists: choreographer Tomasz Kajdański and director Krzysztof Cicheński, both responsible for the drama and set design? They will remind you that which is forgotten, bring life to that which is dead and move that which is brought to a halt.

An inexhaustible, vital force, matter is prone to endless fecundity. It has a beguiling power of temptation, which entices us to become creators in our own right. Deep within matter, barely perceptible smiles are formed, tensions are created, attempts at configurations coalesce. All matter flows from endless possibilities, which run through it in sickly shudders. Awaiting the life-bestowing breath of the soul, it overflows endlessly into itself (...). Devoid of its own initiative (...) it constitutes out-law terrain, open to every kind of charlatanism and dilettantism.

Bruno Schulz, A Treatise on Mannequins 

Craving for the view of a pulsating, moving matter – short-lived revelations of elusive creations – we’ve become heretics who disregard the Law, the Form or the Word. Running away from the terror of stalling Perfection that annihilates all shy beings, we try to avoid the crime committed by humanity. We remember the forgotten, we revive the dead, we move the still.