A ticket gift

We are pleased to invite our audience to purchase a ticket gift. Our latest offer is addressed to audience who want to see a performance at the Poznań Opera House, but have not yet decided when. It is also a perfect gift for any occasion. It allows to see the selected performance in the most convenient time.

If you buy the ticket gift you will also receive an interesting book!

The rules for the implementation of a ticket gift

1. A ticket gift can be used for any performance of the Poznań Opera House (the deadline is 21 June 2016). The procedure is that you replace it for a regular ticket at the box office.
2. The price of a ticket gift is 70 zl
3. A gift ticket is valid only for performances
with the price of A, B or S.
4. A gift ticket and a regular ticket cannot be returned.
5. A ticket gift ensures you get a regular ticket only if tickets are available for the show selected.

Ticket gifts can be purchased only at the box office.