BER – the energy of contemporary dance. One of the most significant ballet performances in recent years. Its online premiere was watched by over 20,000 viewers. Three choreographers, three visions of movement, three scenes of modernity, and one question: what is dance?

B for Bondara - a big name on the international dance scenes. His choreographic works are shown at the most important dance festivals in Poland and abroad. E for Ekman – a star of contemporary choreography. He has collaborated with over forty companies around the world. R for Rimeikis – the most recognized choreographer of the young generation in Lithuania.

BER as a DNA renewal mechanism. Like a dose of new energy. “We are a part of the dancing world – as it was written after the performance”. Let's check it out together.


EPISODE 31 - video projections

video production - JAJKOFILM Karolina fender Noińska
cinematography - Karolina fender Noińska, Krzysiek Maślejak, Julian Sobierajski
editing - Karolina fender Noińska
color correction - Krzysiek Maślejak
production - Adriana Lenartowska


Making of:

Production: Ośko/Bogunia


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Blind words


Alexander Ekman jest reprezentowany przez Stepping Grounds Arts/Culture Management
Alexander Ekman is represented by Stepping Grounds Arts/Culture Management

realizacja video: Karolina fender Noińska

Mikael Karlsson (4:20). Muzyka: Mikael Karlsson. Ane Brun - "Do You Remember" z albumu "It All Starts With One" (4:54). Muzyka: Ane Brun.

Projekt jest współorganizowany z Narodowym Instytutem Muzyki i Tańca w ramach programu „Zamówienia choreograficzne 2020”