Antoniou Angelos

Angelos Antoniou

A graduate of Brussels International Ballet School in 2017 directed by Anderson Santana. Student of the renowned Anatole Karpuhin. Winner of first prizes on the international ballet competitions around the world with classical and contemporary variations. In 2017 he joined the professional company of the State Ballet of Georgia. Soon, his hard work and talent got recognized and promoted to the youngest male Soloist of the company, at the age of 19. In 2019, Angelos joined the Poznan Opera Ballet.

He has danced in several ballet productions around the world and his repertoire includes principal roles in:

- The Nutcracker, the Prince

- Spectre de la rose

- La fille mal gardee, Alan (Nikes)

- Le concervatoire

- Two Pigeons, the Gypsy

- Sleeping Beauty, the Puss in Boots

- Laurencia, the Frondoso’s friend

- Raymonda, the Four Cavaliers

- Mozartiana, the ZInga

- Sleeping Beauty, the Four Cavaliers


Angelos had the opportunity to dance and work with wold-famous ballet stars, such as Lali Kandelaki, Nina Ananiashvili, Andreis Liepa, Mikhail Lavrovsky, Joy Womack and more.