The Angel of the Odd

The Angel of the Odd

One jaded Hero, an irritating Journalist and a Narrator who will simply not sing, not in a million years. Does this sound like a good opera recipe? Not really. This is why we require the help of an Angel, preferably one of the Odd. With an appropriate quantity of Kirchewasser, our Hero will shortly lose his ground, while his beliefs and faith in ironclad logic will get all twisted. Here start a series of absurd adventures and unlucky accidents, which will admittedly make the protagonist completely mad, at the same time making the audience cry with laughter. Moreover, if you are lucky, you may meet the composer sitting in the audience, as he at least comes once a year to check if the story did not get out of control.

A great recommendation for those who have never been to the opera, and for those who keep going but they stopped enjoying it.