opera in three acts
libretto by the composer based on Juliusz Słowacki's poem
premiere 6 XII 2019

Anhelli is a poetic journey to the snow hell, a land which makes people bad and harmful. A land that is just as horrifying as it is beautiful. The guide of Anhelli – the man-angel – is the Shaman, who has the knowledge of the forefathers. Our guide will be a Polish-Latvian artistic duo: Dariusz Przybylski and Margo Zālīte. He composes music full of expression, filled with emotion: delicate and subtle at times, and in other fragments blowing up with a sudden explosion of sounds. She thinks in pictures, creates stage compositions parallel to music and then breaks them when the viewer feels safe. Together, they build contemporary opera theatre close to the romantic visionariness.

A great recommendation for visionaries and poets (we guarantee that the level of inspiration will raise significantly after the performance).

Dress code: white

At 6:00 pm you can meet the director and the composer on the second balcony – conversation host by Marcin Bogucki (with translation).

At 6:30 pm you should check your ticket to know with whom you’ll be travelling – each journey is unique. Shaman’s route is marked orange, Anhelli’s – green and Słowacki’s – yellow.

Each traveller should wear white clothes, if you don’t have anything suitable – you’ll find it in the theatre.

At 7:00 pm be watchful, the most important part of the journey begins – the performance.


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kierownictwo muzyczne
Grzegorz Wierus
reżyseria, projekcje i reżyseria świateł
Margo Zālīte
scenografia i reżyseria świateł
Dorota Karolczak
współkreacja reżyserii świateł
Wiktor Kuźma
ruch sceniczny
Agnieszka Wolna-Bartosik
kierownictwo chóru
Mariusz Otto
kierownictwo chóru dziecięcego
Michał Sergiusz Mierzejewski
współpraca muzyczna
Maciej Koczur
asystent reżysera
Bartłomiej Szczeszek


Jan Jakub Monowid
Jaromir Trafankowski
Joanna Freszel
Man on skis
Marek Szymański
Bird I
Aleksandra Pokora
Bird II
Lucyna Białas
Bird III
Barbara Gutaj-Monowid
Old Man
Michał Korzeniowski
Old Man (tancerz)
Taras Szczerbań